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The Art of Form and Code

This site documents my continuing fascination for making computer-based work using generative and automated systems to create objects which exist digitaly, physically and sometimes both.

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Produced for Use — Limited edition physical objects.

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May 22 2024 Blog /  

@gary_hustwit is on the road again with Brain One, generating unique versions of the Eno documentary at each screening

Feb 22 2024 News /  

Featured in On NFTs – a historical survey of NFTs from Taschen

Jan 18 2024 News /  

World Premiere of ENO at the Sundance Film Festival

May 23 2024 Talk / Milton Keynes  

All Flows

May 23 2024 Screening / Chicago  

Chicago Premiere of ENO

Available to collect /  

Collisions Volume 2

Available to collect /  

Persian Dreams

Available to collect /  

You Me and the Machine

Passengers BCN
Physical sculptures created from Barcelona airport passenger numbers during COVID
Infinite Glimpses
Generating infinite compositions from a month of desktop screen captures
Passengers LHR
Second in the Passengers series
Passengers SZX
The Pandemic As Seen Through Airport Passenger Traffic