Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

Trend Micro Perspectives XDR

Data-born generative motion piece for Trend Micro event

Commissioned by Trend Micro, this work visualises 48 hours of threats detected using their XDR system.

Starting out from a spreadsheet of data provided by the client, my brief was to elegantly and simply show how the XDR system easily highlights possible network attacks from an overwhelming amount of data.

Using a generative Voronoi system, I created a series of unique flower like objects, each representing one hour in a 48 hour period. The more complex the pattern, the redder the colour palette, the higher the risk factor and the more this alert needs to be looked into further.

The center visualisation of the XDR system is again made generatively, employing the use of a Lissajous wave to create an architectural like object to form the core of the piece. This was very much inspired by the beautiful organic forms of Zaha Hadid.

Around the XDR system we see data flowing and analysed, eventually giving rise to the hi lighted alerts in the form of the generative flowers.