Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

The Art of Cybersecurity

Beauty from cybersecurity data for Trend Micro

Commissioned by McMillan for Trend Micro, The Art of Cybersecurity is a series of images, together with a 4K animation born from cybersecurity threat data.

The work features three main components — the threats, represented by black obelisk style objects, the system which detects and deals with these threats, represented by an organic mesh like structure, and finally the creativity that is allowed to flow because the threats have been neutralised.

The main mesh shapes are formed from the process of splitting the data into five different industries — media, banking, government, technology and retail. I then made a simple algorithm which would create a form based on these industries, so that each mesh was unique.

Each threat relates to a threat metric derived from the data, whilst the flow patterns of the creativity strands were influenced from metrics in the data as well as the space carved from the form itself.

The work was first shown at the RSA Conference 2019 in San Francisco, then rolled out globally across the Trend Micro site and marketing materials.

Software used: Houdini, Processing, Vim, HitFilm Express