Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

The Opponents

Digital sculptures formed from the 1994 arcade fighting game Tekken

  • Digital video
  • 3840 x 2160 pixels UHD (colour, sound, 24fps)
  • 32 seconds
  • Digital images
  • 7680 x 4320 pixels
  • Contract: 0x2A46f2fFD99e19a89476E2f62270e0a35bBf0756
  • Token ID: 51498

Inspired by The Wrestlers, a sculpture from ca. 300 BC now in the Uffizi collection, The Opponents uses AI to extract the two players from the 1994 arcade game Tekken to create both a moving generative piece of work as the players fight, together with three still images from that sequence. If wrestlers were used in ancient Roman times as muses for art, then why not the pixel-born subjects of a video game