Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

Field Notes Winter Edition 2020

99,999 unique generative snowflakes for the winter limited edition of Field Notes

I've always been a big fan of Field Notes – the brand of pocket memo books with a huge following – especially their limited edition quarterly releases. So when Jim Coudal got in touch about an idea he had for the winter edition, I jumped at the chance to work on this dream project.

Each of the 99,999 covers features a unique snowflake made using a generative process and a unique edition number – the first time Field Notes has ever done this, and the first time they've ever done a cover using a generative design process.

Huge thanks to Jim, Brian, and Steve at Field Notes together with Lake County Press to make this ambitious project happen.

You can read about the process of making this work over on the Field Notes blog, and be sure to pick-up a few before they sell out.