Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

Every Year a Sound, Every Sound a Shape

Sound visualisations for legendary sound production house

Commisioned by Peter & Paul for Factory, a series of twenty visualisations to celebrate twenty years of Factory's amazing output.

When I originally started sketching out ideas for this work, early on I wanted to show how sound might look exploding from a speaker. I also wanted to make sure that every single element of the sound, no matter how small, was present in the resulting visualisations. It's that level of detail in Factory's work that has seen them win so many awards over their twenty year history. Finally I wanted them to look like a collection or a series of works, using the same visual grammar but each one unique within that.

The final output was a collection of HD videos to be used on the new Factory website as well as high resolution prints which were used to send to Factory's clients and friends to say thank you for the support over twenty years.