Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

That Was The Week That Was — 10th November 2019

I started the week commissioning a new screen print from Harvey Lloyd Screens, based on my process sketch — something that is often the most shared image if I ever use it in a talk. After chatting with Steve at Harvey Lloyd, and after getting a paper sample from GF Smith, we decided to go with a black paper stock called Plike. It's a lovely tactile paper which will provide a perfect background for the Fluo Pink ink. By the Friday Steve emailed me to say it was all done save the trimming. Looking forward to getting these and making them available through Produced for Use.

Wednesday saw myself and Lisa head to the local art gallery for the small but perfectly formed Vivienne Westwood exhibition, curated by Malcolm Garret from his personal collection of Westwood objects. It was timely as only a few days before we had seen the Westwood documentary on BBC iPlayer.

On the Thursday I had the wonderful news that the images I had been working on for a few months for a new USA based client were all approved so I could go ahead and render the final high-resolution images. It's another piece made in Houdini, all born from data. I'm still working on optimising render times in Houdini. These are large images that can take several hours to render, yet I know there are things such as packing and Poly soups that might be able to optimise performance. Lots to continue to learn.

Finally got round to watching The Art of Self-defence, Riley Stearn's new film following his wonderful Faults. It was fantastic, with the usual mix of humor descending into some dark places later on the film. Highly recommended.