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The Art of Form and Code

Gary Hustwit and I just launched a new thing: Anamorph

Gary Hustwit and I just launched a new thing: Anamorph. It’s a software and film company where we’ll be exploring ways to bring generative technology into the process of making and experiencing movies (in a filmmaker-focused and ethical way). After creating a 168-hour-long film at the Venice Biennale, and the software platform behind the sold-out world premiere of “Eno” at the Sundance Film Festival, we’ve started a laboratory/consultancy to continue innovating with generative software and AI as a way to enhance human creativity, not replace it.

We’re currently crafting new tools and partnering with creators, studios, exhibition spaces, and streaming platforms to re-imagine the cinematic experience on-screen and off. Anamorph will also be powering the live screenings of “Eno” this spring and summer, making unique versions of the film on-stage in real time. We’ve got a few hardware projects in the works too...

Looking forward to collaborating on a range of projects from video art installations to blockbuster feature films, and showing you lots of new things this year!

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