Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

Pluralsight Skill Sets

1.3 million assessments visualised as clusters of skills

Commissioned by Pluralsight for Pluralsight Live 2018, this work visualises over 1.3 million assessment scores to create both an overview of all the skills people can learn on Pluralsight as well as creating clusters of roles such as Server Administrator or Web Developer.

Firstly, assessments were grouped together in their individual skill sets such as web developer etc. Once in these groups each assessment was then mapped across that cluster using time it took to complete an assessment, so that a longer length of time was on the outside edge and shorter time was nearer the centre. Colour and size of each circle representing an assessment was mapped to the individual score.

The work was presented live on-stage during the final day keynote in Salt Lake City to over 2500 attendees.