Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

OFFF Twitter Archive

Visualising the Twitter archive for the Barcelona based design and art festival

Created for The Poool – a magazine to inspire creativity around the world published during the 2013 OFFF Festival – this A1 size poster is a visual map of the entire Twitter archive from OFFF.

Time travels from most recent at the top to the oldest at the bottom, with 24 hours spread horizontally from left to right. Each of over 4000 tweets is represented by a colour bar with the length dictated by the length of each tweet. Using a Perlin noise algorithm, certain tweets are shown as full text together with the date and time to give context. You can see whilst the tweets were quite sparse when OFFF first started using Twitter but that pace changed during 2012 were you can clearly see a flurry of activity during OFFF 2012.

Processing source code to make your own visualisation can be found here.