Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

Now Boarding

Passenger Tickets of Legendary Movie Characters

I've always been fascinated by the idea of fate and how events and the decisions we make lead us to certain places. This idea is at the heart of probably every film that's ever been made, were a central character is thrust into a situation were their often normal everyday life becomes extraordinary.

Looking back on these events there will often be a trail of evidence left behind leading up to these new extraordinary situations that act as markers in a time-line. Airline tickets can be one such marker.

Now Boarding takes that idea and creates airline passenger tickets for some of films' most legendary characters. As John McClane travelled from New York to Los Angeles he had no idea of the events that would unfold in the following hours. His airline ticket is in eventuality his ticket for the adventure that was about to take place.

The first collection features six films across four decades and is available only from the Richard Goodall Gallery.