Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code

Object for the Display of Memories

A simple visual representation of digital data

The ornaments that surround us in our home are often physical and visual triggers to past experiences; souvenirs that we bought on holiday might sit on a shelf to mark that moment in time; framed photographs provide visual reminders of people we've met and places we've been.

Yet the ubiquitous memory stick lacks any such visual cues to what is contained within. There's absolutely no suggestion to what maybe embedded on the silicon inside. Nothing to tempt you to pick it up and plug it in.

This therefore is an attempt to visualise in a small way the contents contained within the humble memory stick. Using a simple transparent hemisphere, trinkets can be placed inside to give a clue to the contents of the stick, in the hope it creates a curious object that you might want to explore. It is digital memory as ornament.