Brendan Dawes
The Art of Form and Code


An imagined digital robot collection

  • Digital Images
  • 3072 x 3072 pixels
  • Contract: 0x666aEF366720111B98497150Ad7D18c77B3F4934

In the early 2000s I bought a large box of random vintage toy robots off Ebay. Most were cheap and inconsequential, but some were Japanese and made of tin and actually a little sought after. After some further research I began to disappear down the rabbit hole of collecting largely vintage Japanese robots from manufacturers such as Cragstan-Yonezawa, Horikawa, Masudaya and Yoshiya.

These robots sit on the shelves around me as I sit in the studio working on my projects, mechanical and electronic overlords watching over me as I use digital tools and processes to put something new into the world. Eventually I thought it was time to fuse my love of these beautiful objects with my art practice, creating an imagined series of robots, generated, or "descended" from the robots I've collected over the years.

A series called Descendants is the result – a collection of 256 imagined robots. These children of my own collection are purposely delicate in nature, with an aesthetic that is part machine and part organic. Each features a unique serial number and descriptive prose.

Collectors can also acquire a signed fine-art print on 308gsm Photo Rag paper through a token gated page on Produced for Use. Each comes with an NFC/QR tag which links to a Verisart Certificate of Authenticity.

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