Brendan Dawes

Analogue + Digital


Loving my new Olympus Trip 35

I love the feel of it. It's heavy but not too heavy. I love its constraints. I love the lack of Undo.

There is something about the weight though—it feels substantial and really good to hold in your hands. We were talking about the weight of things at work the other day and how things are becoming so small now they almost become so insignificant and throwaway. The Olympus Trip 35 and objects like them feel like there going to be with you forever rather than something that will fall apart in a year or earlier. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I dislike digital photography—I love it and all its advantages—but there's still something rather charming about these old objects and I wonder will we look on the objects that surround us now in the same way in 10 years time, and will they still work?