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Hackintosh first field test went well

The first real test of my little Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh all went well yesterday. I presented for two hours, using Keynote, showing videos with sound and it all worked without a hitch. It even got some comments from the audience.

The only drawback I've found at the moment is it can't seem to wake from sleep, and now and then there is the odd mouse redraw weirdness but it's not very often.

Remember though this is pretty much a machine just for me to present from and carry around so it doesn't kill my back. I haven't really coded on it too much but I might give that a try to see how awkward the keyboard is.

I've also removed programs like Mail, which just becomes very bloated anyway and use googlemail instead. It's completely stripped down to it's bare bones.

So yeah, pretty damn pleased with this ugly little thing. It'll do until Apple bring something nice and small out (apart from the iPhone!)